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Google Calendar Integration Guide
Google Calendar Integration Guide
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  1. Please visit My Settings then Integrations and select download for Google Calendar

2. Once you’re directed to the Chrome Store, you’ll be presented with the Vast Conference for Google Calendar add on, here you’ll click on the blue ADD TO CHROME button towards the top right.

3. Click on Add extension when prompted.

4. Confirmation of Vast Conference for Google Calendar has been added to Chrome

5. Click on the Vast Conference icon in your Chrome Tool bar to access your Calendar

6. Log in with your Vast Conference information.

7. Click on Create to begin creating your event

8. Fill in your event information, such as:

  • Event Name

  • Date & Time

  • Add guest emails

  • Select your meeting type and your meeting template will be inserted into Descriptions

  • Video Conferencing – will contain your meeting link along with your conferencing calling information

  • Conference call – will contain only your conference calling information

  • Click on Save when completed

*If you need to select specific numbers to include in your invitation, select the Gear icon to be presented with available dial-in numbers

Example of a completed event:

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