Trouble joining call
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Here are a few common experiences when trying to join a call and how to resolve them.

You're receiving an "invalid conference code" message:

  • There's a chance that an incorrect digit was entered, please hang up and dial in to try again.

  • Even when you're entering in the correct digits, the DTMF tones that are being received from your dial pad aren't correct. Hang up and try your call again or use an alternate dial-in number. Refer to this article on how to view your available dial-in numbers.

  • The conference code you're trying to use is no longer active, please log in to your account to confirm.

Getting a busy signal when calling:

The host started the call but the caller are hearing hold music:

  • The caller should hang up and confirm the conference code to retry as there is a chance the incorrect conference code was entered.

  • The waiting room option could be enabled and callers are simply still on hold, log in to your account to view your call manager. See this article on the waiting room.

  • Confirm the date and time with the time zone of the call.

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