Troubleshooting Audio Quality
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There are a variety of factors that can affect the sound quality of your conference. Vast Conference has developed a platform with the highest-quality HD audio capability. However, if the sound quality is poor such as noise or static there are a few things you can do, depending on the issue, to troubleshoot and correct the problem. 

Check to make sure your speaker and microphone settings are correct. [See "How to Set Up/Test Microphone"]. If all settings are enabled correctly, there may be a problem with your headset. Try unplugging and replugging in your headset. If you are using a wireless set, make sure you are properly connected via Bluetooth.

If you are connected by phone, there is most likely an issue stemming from the telephone service provider. You can self-mute using 4* for your callers to notice if audio quality is improved, you can self unmute with 4* again.

If someone in your meeting is having an audio problem there are a few ways to address the issue. If you know who is it, ask them to disconnect and dial back in/reconnect to your meeting.

If the source of the issue is unknown, the host can mute the entire conference using 1*. Once you confirmed that the issue is stemming from a caller, you can let callers know to self-mute when not needing to speak with 4* and self unmute with 4* when they need to speak.

As the host you can also use the Conference Manager to pinpoint who's line is causing the audio disruption. From the conference manager, you can mute all participants and one by one unmute callers until you identify the issue. Learn more about the call manager here.

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