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Google SSO Deployment
Google SSO Deployment
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  1. Login your Google account

  2. Go to Apps > SAML Apps

3. Click on the +  toward the bottom right


5. Step 2 of 5 will appear containing Google IdP Information
6. For Option 1, do the following as you’ll need this information later:
7. Copy & Paste into Notepad, SSO URL
8. Copy & Paste into Notepad, Entity ID
9. Download & Save, Certificate
10. Click Next, once you have completed the steps above

11. For Application Name, enter Conference Calling
12. Upload our logo
13. Download here
14. Click Next when ready to proceed

15. To Complete Step 4 of 5 in Google, please log in your Vast Conference account.
16. Go to Account > Single Sign-On
17. Click on +Add New Identity Provider

18. Select Google then Continue

19. Select an Application: (one at a time)
20. Vast Conference (Website)
21. Vast Conference (Meeting App)
22. Retrieve your Google IdP information that was copied & pasted into Notepad
23. Paste  SSO URL to SAML 2.0 Endpoint
24. Paste Entity ID to Identity Provider Issuer
25. Open the downloaded file of the Google Certificate in Notepad
26. Copy & Paste the entire information to Public Certificate
27. Click on Continue

28. Copy & Paste into Notepad, Single Sign-on URL
29. Copy & Paste into Notepad, Audience URI (SP Entity ID)
30. Click on Save Configuration

31. Once completed, you’ll see Google listed as an Identity Provider

32. Return to your Google Admin Step 4 or 5
33. Paste the Single Sign-on URL from your Vast Conference account to ACS URL
34. Paste the Audience URI from your Vast Conference account to Entity ID
35. Click Next when ready to proceed

36. Click on ADD NEW MAPPING
37. For Application Attribute, type in Email
38. For Category, select Base Information
39. For user field, select Primary Email
40. Click Finish 

41. Click OK

42. By default, a new app is OFF for everyone by default

43. Click on EDIT SERVICE to enable for everyone

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