Within the Vast Conference platform meeting attendees can instant message and send/receive files. Chat and share with the group by clicking All Participants. To chat with or send files to a specific attendee, first highlight their name from the participant list.

Group message participants by clicking on the participant chat bubble icon in the toolbar. Enter text into the input field at the bottom of the window where it prompts Type a Message or Drop a File.


For added privacy, the meeting host can set the sharing preference so that meeting attendees can only chat and share files with the meeting host, not other attendees.

To enable this option, click Settings using the gear icon from the toolbar. Choose the Conference Setting tab. Check the box for Chat to Host Only and Save.

For more information about meeting functions review the Vast Conference Reference Guide


To send a file, click Send File (see image above) and an upload box will appear prompting you to choose a file from your computer. 

You can also drag and drop a file into the input field. Then click the paper airplane File Transfer icon to send.


The host can delete a file that has been shared by clicking the red X next to the file name and the file will be removed and no longer accessible to meeting participants. 

When the meeting host shares a file, the file name will appear in the meeting participant's chat window. Participants need to click Accept to receive the shared file. To save the file, click the folder icon. The save option will be determined by your web browser.

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