Vast Conference Reference Guide

Use this guide to better understand the functions and settings for a Vast Conference meeting.

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 This toolbar allows you to control the main meeting functions. 

Screen Sharing

Use this icon to share your full desktop or the application of your choice with meeting attendees in real-time. Learn more about screen sharing.

When screen sharing you can stop displaying your computer by clicking the monitor icon with the pause symbol.

Audio Conferencing:

The audio icon allows you to select how you prefer to connect audio- either via computer audio, with dial-in information via telephone or you can use the Call Me option. Learn more about conference calling services.

Video Conferencing

The video camera option allows you to stream face-to-face video. Use this icon to turn video on and off at any time. Learn more about video conferencing.


The record icon will turn on audio and video recording. Save your recordings for easy access, download, and sharing at any time. Learn more call recording.

Chat & File Share

The participant icon will open/close the chat window allowing you to send instant messages and files to individual meeting attendees or to the group.

Meeting Info

Use the "+" icon to copy the meeting invite details to send by email or instant message. You can schedule a meeting in advancer or start an instant meeting. Copy meeting details to schedule a meeting in advance or start an instant meeting.

Meeting ID

This is your unique meeting number.

End Meeting

End your meeting and stop sharing if screen sharing is still on.


The gear icon provides access to Settings. From here you can adjust:

Settings: Audio/Video

View/Adjust your mic, speaker, and video settings (when using PC Audio & Video).

Settings: Conference Settings

Manage various conference options such as: name request, announcements, call start with our without the host, etc.

Settings: Screen Sharing

Adjust your display quality and/or disable your computer background from being shared.

Settings: Connection

Configure how the Vast Conference app connects to the internet.

Settings: Security

Add a password to increase the privacy level of your meetings.

Settings: My Profile

 View account email and ID information. This is also where you can choose to see the Quick Tour information box upon opening the app and a meeting ending notification.

Settings: About

View currently installed version of the Vast Conference app. Additionally, if you need to send meeting logs to us for review, use the Submit Log button here. For more information on submitting logs check out the article on Vast Conference Log Files.

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