Recording Your Meetings

How to record your meetings plus access, download and share those recordings.

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When hosting an online meeting or video conference, you can record your session for future reference or provide access to others. You can also record audio-only. Once you have begun your online meeting or video conference you can start and stop recording at any time. 

How to record a meeting

Record is the circular button, 2nd from the right of the meeting toolbar.

Start by clicking the Record button. You will see a pop-up that recording has begun.

If audio, video or screen sharing is not yet on, you will see a pop-up telling you that the recording will begin when you turn on audio, video, or screen share.

To stop the recording at any time, re-click the Record button in the menu bar. Anytime you start and stop recording a new file will be created.

When you record a meeting, you will receive both an mp3 audio file and an mp4 video file. For meetings not using video, your mp4 video file will show a Vast Conference watermark.

Accessing Meeting Recordings

To access your recordings, first log in to your Vast Conference account with your username and password. Click Recordings from the menu bar. This will take you to the Recordings page of your admin portal. From here you can access audio conference call recordings from the Calls tab. Or, review your video conference and screen sharing recordings under the Meetings tab.

Any file can be downloaded from the cloud to your local machine by clicking the download arrow button. Or, you may choose to share a link. Click the two-pronged share button and choose the Copy direct link option. You can choose where to paste this link and how to share it with others. 

Recorded files will be stored online for up to one year. 

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