Recording Conference Calls

Learn how to record conference calls, and how to store, access and share the recorded files.

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Record your conference call for future reference and to share with others. There is no limit to how many meetings you can record and save online.

How to record a conference call

Using the telephone dial pad:

Once the call has begun, the host can start recording the conference call by pressing 5* (5, Star) on their phone dial pad. A voice prompt will announce to everyone on the conference call that recording has begun. To turn off recording press 5* again. The recording will automatically stop when the conference call is ended. 

Using the online Conference Manager:

Recording can also be managed from the online Conference Manager. Once you are logged in with your email and password, use your dedicated dial in number, conference code and host code to begin the call. From the main page, click Manage to be taken to the conference call manager page for your live call.

To start call recording, click the microphone icon located in the top menu. A voice prompt will tell all attendees that “conference recording started”. To end recording, click the microphone icon again. All attendees will hear the notification that “conference recording stopped”.

How to find and share call recordings

All conference call recording files are stored to the cloud for approximately one year. There are multiple ways to access and share the recordings.

Phone dial-in

To listen to a recording by phone, go to Recordings and click the Calls tab under the Recordings menu. You will see a list of all of the conference calls that have been recorded. Locate the recording you want to provide dial in access for, and under Dial In change the No to Yes. This will automatically generate a unique dial in phone number and access code that you can share with anyone who wants to listen by phone.

To retrieve the dial in number and code click Dial-in Access under the Recordings menu. Locate the recording you want to share. Use the blue paper airplane/email icon to create an email template with all necessary information.

While listening to a recording by phone use these dial pad functions:
Press 1 to pause the recording
Press 2 to rewind one minute
Press 3 to forward one minute

Online access

MP3 File Download
Download the recorded file at any time. Under Calls locate the conference call you would like to download. Use the blue Download arrow to send an MP3 file to your local machine. The recorded call file will remain in your account for up to a year unless you delete it. 

Share a link
Send users to a link where they can listen to the recording from their browser. Under Calls find the conference call you would like to download. Click the blue Share icon, then choose Copy Direct Link. A link will be copied to clipboard for you to paste into an email, IM, chat etc.

Public Recordings
By changing the status of your call to public, listeners can access the conference call recording by going to and entering the conference code. 

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