Vast Conference log files

Here are the following locations where you can retrieve and submit your log files.

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If there is an issue, Customer Support or our technical team may need to assess your log files. To submit the Vast Conference log files associated with your account, you can access them:

From Your Vast Conference Account
Log into your account. Click the gear icon in the toolbar to access Settings.

Go to the About tab. Click Submit Log.

From Your PC
Copy and paste the following shortcut in to the address bar of your Windows Explorer:

Locate the log files that corresponding with the date of your issue. The file name is VastConference_x_x_xxx.log. For example: VastConference_1_30_2020.log

Compress the log file into a zip file, attach to an email.

From Your MAC
Open Finder and click Go from the menu bar.

When the Go dropdown is open, press and hold Option key. This will bring up the Library folder. Hold down the Option key and then from the Library folder, locate the Logs folder

In the Logs folder locate the Vast Conference folder. Copy this folder, compress and email us the zip file.

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