Online Meeting User Guide

How to install, set up and host online meetings with video conferencing and screen sharing.

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Download & Install Conferencing Integrations

To begin, the Vast Conference application must be installed on your computer. Log in to your Vast Conference account at and from the main dashboard, click on Integrations.

Vast Conference conference call dashboard

From the Integrations page, download the app to your computer. 

Vast Conference conferencing integrations

Before your meeting

Send an invite letting your attendees know: date & time (w/ time zone) the meeting link.

If you use Outlook or Google Calendar, install our plugin to generate an invite that will pre-populate with your meeting information. Visit our Outlook & Google Calendar Integrations page to learn more.

Start your meeting online

Launch Vast Conference from your Desktop (Windows) or your Applications Folder (MAC). Log in with your Username & Password.

Sign in screen

Getting started

Choose to connect to your meeting from your computer or by phone. For video conferencing and screen sharing, choose PC Audio/Video.

choose web or phone audio conferencing

Then, before you enter the meeting set your microphone and camera preferences.

select devices

The host functions are controlled using this toolbar. 

From the toolbar you can:
Screen Share: Start and stop screen sharing with attendees.

Voice (PC & Phone): Use integrated HD-audio or dial in by phone conferencing.

Video: Use the camera icon to turn video on or off any time during the meeting.

Record: Record audio and video and save files to the cloud for storage and on-demand access.

Chat and File Transfer: Click on the attendee icon to open/close the IM window to chat with participants and send files.

Attendee Invites: Copy the meeting invite details to send out by email or IM.

Screen Sharing
To share your screen with meeting participants, click the monitor icon from the toolbar. You can choose to share your entire desktop or just one application. Once you click SHARE, a pink border around your screen will let you know your content is being shared with meeting participants. To end screen sharing, just re-click the monitor icon from the toolbar.

See more about recording and screen sharing at Recording Online Meetings

Remote Control Access

Hover your mouse over your viewer for “Options Menu”. Click to view options and select “Remote Control” to give that participants control over your desktop.

Passing Presenter Rights to a Meeting Participant

Hover your mouse over your viewer for “Options Menu” then click on it to see the options. Select “Presenter Role” to allow the participant to share their screen with everyone. 

Customize Your Meeting

To set your meeting preferences, click the gear icon from the menu bar. Here you can adjust audio and video set up, customize conference features such as attendee announcements, choose to allow attendees chat only to you and not with each other, and setting the meeting start upon host entry.

Conference Settings

Add password protection to your meeting to increase security and avoid unwanted attendees. 

Locking Your Meeting

You can lock your meeting to any additional attendees by clicking on the meeting status icon. Re-click to unlock the meeting.

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