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Lead Conference Calls with Call Manager
Lead Conference Calls with Call Manager

Use a conference call management solution to view and control call features and participants all in one.

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The Call Manager helps you actively manage participants, call flows and other features on live calls.

  • Add a title your call: This will sync with your call reports and recordings from this call so you have something more than a date and code to reference.

  • Manage Question & Answer sessions: Easily unmute participants with raised hands for Q&A via conference call.

  • Invite callers: You can send an instant invite email with call in information or call out by phone directly (dial out feature must be enabled).

  • Manage conference controls: You the quick access buttons along the top of the page to turn certain key features on and off.

  • Broadcast audio: Upload and play audio files on your call

  • Identify speaking right: Each call will show a status; mute, unmuted or speaking.

  • Add names to callers: You can append a name to each dial-in number not already being identified.

🎞️ Watch the video tour: Conference Call Manager

How do I see my conference call online?

Once you've started the conference call as the host, you can log into your account and click on the "Manage" button under your Host code on the Dashboard page.

How do I name a caller?

During your call, click on the "Add Name" field to label that participant. The name you enter will be permanently linked to that phone number until you change it.

If you have Name Announce enabled at the start of your conference caller, you’ll see a small play button next to each phone number. This is the recorded name of each call. Click the "Play" button to hear the recorded name, then enter the name for each number either during or after the call.

What does Summary View of Call Manager show?

The Summary View displays only the Host, Guest Speakers, and callers with questions. The remaining passive callers who are muted will not be in view so you can focus on those with questions and managing the call.

To view all of your callers, you will need to return to List View.

How do I exit the Call Manager?

To exit your call manager, click the Exit button towards the top right to return to your Dashboard. This will not end your call, only exit the Call Manager.

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