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Broadcast Audio Files on a Call
Broadcast Audio Files on a Call

Play a pre-recorded message over your conference call from the Conference Manager interface.

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Ever wonder how you can broadcast a pre-recorded message or prepared presentation over a live conference call? If your use case requires a legal statement or canned script has to be announced ahead of your live event, this feature is for you.

To play an audio file into your call, you'll need to upload content:

  • Click on your avatar towards the upper right of your Dashboard and select Media.

  • Now click the Upload button and a window will appear for you to proceed.

  • Click on the Upload link to select the file from your computer.

    • πŸ“™ The audio file must be either an mp3 or wav.

  • Once you made the selection, click on Upload to save it to your account.

  • You'll be able to listen to the file you have uploaded by clicking the play button.

broadcasting audio files on conference calls

Now that you have your audio files ready, when your call is live, you'll need to be logged into your Online Call Manager.

This is where you'll find the Play Media section where your available audio files will be displayed. When you are ready, click the play button and this will be broadcasted to your entire call. This will recording will play for its entire duration or until you click the pause or stop button.

play media files

Let us know what you think of this feature and how you're using it!

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