This Outlook Add-In can be used with your Office 365 email account to send email invites and or schedule events from within Outlook 2019 and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

This article will guide you through Outlook Web Access.

To install this add in, please Get It Now from the App Store

Now you're ready to send emails and schedule events with your conference calling information.

When prompted,  log in using your username & password.

*Please note that you must be assigned to a conference code to log in.

Send an email:

To insert your conference calling information, open a new email. Click on the more icon at the bottom and you'll find Vast Conference towards the bottom of the list. Hoover your mouse over it to expand the available options and select the type of template to insert.

Schedule an event:

To insert your conference calling details into a Calendar Event, open your Calendar and select New Event. Once a new event form appears and you've made the date and time adjustments, towards the top right click on the more icon and hoover over Vast Conference then select the type of template to insert onto the event.

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