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How to View Your Video Conference
How to View Your Video Conference

Video conference screen layouts: grid view, main speaker, and carousel.

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Vast Conference prides itself on providing our users with the optimal meeting experience so that participants can be in the same virtual room and engage with each other easily. There are multiple ways to view the meeting host, speakers, and attendees.


The default screen for video conferences is a grid view. The grid can accommodate up to 24 attendees plus the active speaker.

The active speaker's video will automatically be highlighted with a green box.


You may choose to bring the active speaker to the main stage in a full-size view. Hover over the video stream of the person you want to enlarge and click on the full-screen icon.


When a speaker is brought to the main stage, the other participants will be shown in a carousel of video thumbnails through which you can scroll. You may select up to five participants to keep at the front of the carousel. Hover over their video thumbnail and click the pin icon.

You may also hide the carousel or move it above or below the main stage speaker video. The video thumbnail carousel will also appear when the speaker is screen sharing.

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