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Android Mobile Meetings App

Find instructions on how to host a mobile meeting, use video, share your screen and more.

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Download & Install the Vast Conference Android App


Log in using your Vast Conference username and password.

To Start a Mobile Meeting
To host a mobile meeting simply click the purple START CALL button at the bottom right of the phone screen. You will be prompted to connect to your meeting via VOIP or Mobile connection. Choose, then click START NOW.

Once you are connected to your meeting you can choose to join with or without video. Your video conference preview window will show what you will look like to the other meeting participants. You will never be automatically joined with video. You can turn video on or off at any time during your meeting by tapping the video camera icon.

Schedule a Meeting

To schedule a meeting, login, then tap on the blue SCHEDULE button. Fill in the following information:

  • Event Title - Give your meeting a name

  • Date of Event - Set the day for your meeting

  • Start Time - Set the time for your meeting

  • Duration - How long your meeting should last

  • People to Invite - Add meeting participants from your contact list

  • Calendar Name - Choose on which calendar you'd like your meeting to appear

Then click SCHEDULE on the top right.

To View Past and Future Meetings
From the home screen tap UPCOMING and you’ll see a list of the next 3 events you have scheduled. Tap on MONTHLY for a calendar view of upcoming events for the month. Tap on any day of the calendar to view that day's scheduled events.

To Join a Meeting

From the home screen click on JOIN ANOTHER CONFERENCE. You will be taken to the MEETING CONNECT. Enter the Meeting ID and choose your connection type, mobile, or VOIP. Tap START NOW to join the meeting.

To Manage and View Meeting Participants

As the meeting host, you can see who is in your meeting as well as manage various meeting functions. If you haven't already, give your meeting a title. This event title will tie back to reports and recordings.

Meeting Controls
While in a mobile meeting various meeting functions are easily available on screen.
AUDIO - Choose to use headphones or put the phone in speaker mode.

RECORD - To record the mobile meeting and save for future reference tap the RECORD button once. While recording the button will read STOP RECORDING. Tap again to end the recording of the meeting.

MUTE ALL - By tapping this button you can mute all meeting participants.

LOCK - Tap LOCK to bar anyone who is not already participating in your meeting from joining in.

SCREEN SHARE - To share your mobile phone screen with meeting participants tap the SCREEN SHARE icon found in the bottom menu.

To broadcast your phone screen to meeting participants, tap START SCREEN SHARE.

On the next screen you will be prompted to begin screen sharing. Tap START NOW.

While you are actively sharing your phone screen with the attendees of your meeting a red button will flash in the middle of your screen. To stop sharing your phone screen, tap STOP SCREEN SHARE. To return to the main screen tap the CALL icon in the bottom menu bar.

Ending a Mobile Meeting
To end a call at any time, tap the END button found at the top left of the phone screen.


Your Profile

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Password

  • Mobile phone

  • Your Time zone

  • Date Display format

  • 24-Hour Time Display

Conference Settings

  • Conference Code

  • Host Code

  • Call Continuation

  • Request Names on Entry

  • New Entry Tone

  • Exit Tone Announcement

  • Conference Mode

  • Hold Music


  • 5 minutes before meeting starts

  • When meeting should start

Dial-in numbers (tap on the number to include in the invite)

  • Local

  • Toll-Free

Calendar Name

  • Select calendar to schedule meetings where your events will be saved to


  • To Vast Conference Help Center


Access to your phone contacts to invite to meetings


App version


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