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Conference Call Waiting Room
Conference Call Waiting Room

Manage who and when callers can join into your meeting with the virtual waiting room.

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A virtual waiting room is a great way to hold a pre-conference meeting, allow guest speakers into the meeting early and control when other specific attendees can enter the live meeting.

Conference Waiting Room Features

To enable this option, go to My Conference Settings then enable Mandatory Waiting Room for Callers. When enabled, the host can start the conference, review the attendee list, and choose who to bring into the meeting and when.

You can also control the announcement preferences here. When the Waiting Room is activated you can choose to include or disable host join/leave announcements, the new attendee waiting room doorbell, and if you'd like to include a name/name and company identification request.

Managing the Waiting Room

To manage the Waiting Room, the host will need to be logged into the Call Manager, where callers will appear on the left. Callers can be dragged and dropped into the active call to the right under Main Conference. Callers can also be placed back into the waiting room at any time.

When the Waiting Room is enabled you can:

  • Move All callers into the active call by selecting the Move All option or pressing 23* from your host phone dial pad

  • While in the Waiting Room, your Guest Speakers can enter 88* (Guest Speaker Code) on their dial pad to be flagged to the host as a speaker and prioritize them in the waiting room queue

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