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What is the Guest Speaker Code and how is it used?
What is the Guest Speaker Code and how is it used?
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The guest speaker code is available if you have a larger call and need additional hosts to retain speaking rights. This usually occurs when there are multiple presenters and the remainder of the callers are muted. The guest speaker code can be entered anytime after a caller has joined their call, even if they are on hold.

To locate your Guest Speaker code, click on your name in the top right-hand corner > My Conference Settings.

Steps to use:

  1. Dial-in

  2. Enter Conference Code

  3. If the call hasn't started, press * to be placed on hold (if the call has started proceed to the next step)

  4. Once you are joined in, press 88* (you'll hear a prompt requesting the guest speaker code)

  5. Enter in your 5 digit guest speaker code

  6. Once confirmed a prompt will play confirming you're a guest speaker

  7. If the call is muted, you'll be automatically unmuted to speak.

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