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Conference Modes - Conversation versus Lecture
Conference Modes - Conversation versus Lecture

Use Conversation Mode (open discussion) or Lecture Mode (muted attendees) depending on the type of meeting you are having.

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Conversation Mode:

Use Conversation Mode when the host and meeting attendees are allowed to converse freely. This is optimal for those wanting to produce an environment for participants of the call to collaborate ideas and correlate plans. However, if the host would like to establish control of the call, the dial pad command to mute all lines simultaneously is 1*.

Lecture Mode:

Lecture mode sets the conference call to be conducted as if it were in a one-to-many or classroom setting. This enables the host to remain the primary speaker while the rest of the attendees are held on a muted, listen-only line.

This feature is ideal for conference calls with Q&A sessions. In order to conduct this type of conference call, the host needs to manage their call through the Call Manager.

For phone participants to request that they be taken off mute in order to speak, they press 5* on their dial pad. This notifies the host that the callers have questions or would like to comment. The host can unmute the caller by pressing the mute/unmute icon on the Call Manager. They can be re-muted afterward.

Participants who no longer need to comment may reverse the prompt by pressing 5* again.

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