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Do you need to start the meeting without a host?
Do you need to start the meeting without a host?
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The 'Start Meeting Without Host' setting can be turned on for specific conference codes where a host participant is no longer required to start the conference call. Instead, it will only require a minimum of two attendees to join the meeting as this feature disables the host code requirement to open a conference call and may be used at the caller's discretion.

Before you turn this option on, let's go over some of the adjusted settings for when you allow a conference call to start without a host present.

Without a host for the call, conference controls are disabled from the dial pad of your telephone. Conference controls are available through the Call Manager on the web interface.

Please note that if you turn the setting on, the 'lecture' conference mode will no longer be applicable.

To turn on the feature, please login to the account, go to My Conference Settings found in the drop down list of your name in the top right corner. Proceed to click on the 'Start Meeting Without Host' button to blue.

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