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How do I schedule a conference call?
How do I schedule a conference call?

Learn how to organize and schedule a conference call on-demand whenever you need to get people talking..

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When you sign up to use a reservationless conference call service, you get a dial-in number, 6-digit conference code and 4-digit PIN which collectively represents your conference room. These numbers are yours to use any time, without advanced booking in the conference call service itself.

Since there is no advanced scheduling or reservation needed, you'll simply give your participants the date and time (include time zone) that you plan to host your conference call and instructions to use the conference dial-in number and 6-digit conference code when prompted for it. That's it!

As the host, you just need to be sure to call in at the same time, enter the 6-digit conference code and 4-digit host code too.

Also, keep in mind that your information remains the same and is ready to be used any time it's needed.

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