Screen sharing allows you to present content in real time from the Vast Conference online meeting platform to all of your meeting attendees. You can share your desktop or any application of your choice. Screen sharing and video conferencing are not mutually exclusive, and can be used together. 

Once you have started your meeting, screen share by clicking on the Monitor with Play Arrow icon in the top toolbar. (Note: Vast Conference only has access to share apps that are open. Make sure the content you want to present is open and ready to go before you click the share icon.)

A pop up window will appear asking what you would like to share. You can share your full desktop (Screen 1) or choose to share any application of your choice. Only those apps that are open will appear as options to share. Click on the screen or app of your choice and it will highlight in pink. Click SHARE. A notification will confirm that you are sharing and the play button will change to a pause button. To stop screen sharing at any time, click the Monitor with Pause icon in the top toolbar. A notification will appear confirming you are no longer sharing your screen.

To adjust the quality of your screen share click Settings (the gear icon in the top menu bar). A Settings pop up window will appear. From the options on the left, select Screen Sharing. High Definition (HD) is selected by default for best performance. If you experience a poor broadband connection, select Good to reduce the bandwidth used and increase screen quality.

You can record your screen sharing presentation. Follow the instructions from Recording Online Meetings

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