Would you like to be notified when one of your attendees leave your call meeting?

To adjust and set your exit tone, please select 'My Conference Settings' in the drop down menu of your name in the top right corner. In the 'Exit Tone Announcement' section, the options to set your exit tone will depend on your preference.

When you opt for the following setting:

Audio Tone - An exit tone will be heard by all when a participant leaves your conference call.

Names (HOST) - The recording of the participants name 'has left' notification will play in which only the host of the call is notified.

Names (ALL) - The recording of the participants name 'has left' will play in which the entire conference is notified.

*Please note for the Names(HOST) and Names(ALL) option to take effect, the "Request Names on Entry" must be enabled under 'Conference Settings'. In addition, if no recording of the participant's name is captured, the notification will be heard with no name 'has left'.

Silence - no notification.

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