To download the app, log in to your account. Go to My Settings, then Integrations and select the download button.

  • Check if your computer meets the system requirements to run the application.

  • Internet connection (broadband is best)

  • Mac OS 10.10 or newer

  • Processor 2.4GHzRAM 1GB

2. Install Application

  • Locate VastConference.pkg file in your download folder within Finder

Note: You will be prompted for your computer password to proceed with the installation.

3. The installation wizard will pop up select next to continue with setup.

4. Read the license agreement, to proceed with the installation you must agree to the terms.

5. Choose how you want to install this software and continue.

6. Complete installation and the app will launch automatically after completion.

7. Log into the application using your conference calling username and password.

Note: To launch Vast Conference again at a later time, please go to Finder then Applications and located Vast Conference.


To uninstall, please follow these steps.

  1. Go to Finder

  2. Then Applications

  3. Locate Vast Conference and Vast Conference Support

  4. Drag these two files to your Trash Bin

  5. This will complete the uninstall of Vast Conference

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