Conference Settings allows the presenter to customize various features within your meeting. These include password-protected meetings, using your own conference calling information including chat and participant options.

Please follow these steps to begin customizing your meeting.

  1. When Screen Sharing is not in progress, click the Preferences gear icon.

Note: It is recommended to adjust your custom options prior to your meeting

2. Select “Conference Settings” from the left of the preferences menu.

3. If the presenter will be using a conference calling service other than Vast Conference for the audio portion of the meeting, this information may be entered in the “Use my own conference calling service” section. This feature when enabled allows the presenter and attendees to access this conference calling information during the presentation.

4. If the presenter prefers to keep messages sent only to the Host without other attendees seeing these messages, the Chat to host only box must be checked.

5. If the presenter decides they do not wish to see the Participant Count displayed to them, the box must be checked, the presenter will not see the count displayed to them. The Participant Count is viewable by the Host only.

6. If you would like to set a password that all meetings participants must enter, make sure the “Require a password to join the meeting” box is checked as seen below. This password will be embedded in your invites.

Please Note: The meeting password option must be 4-12 characters and alpha/numeric values only, no special characters. Additionally, if you check the box to require a password, you must have a valid password in that field to continue.

7. Once your Settings are set, the Save button at the bottom of the screen must be selected.

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