Using the phone dial pad, the host can press 67* to dial-out from the conference call. Next, the conference calling service will ask the host to enter the telephone number of the participant they want to join the call. Once the telephone number is entered, the service will confirm the number, then dial the call recipient. 

Once the participant is connected, press 68* to rejoin both the host and the new attendee into the conference call.

If unable to reach the participant or the call goes to voicemail, press 69* to cancel the dial-out and return to the conference call.

The meeting host can also invite someone to a meeting in progress using the Call Manager. During an active meeting, click MANAGE from your dashboard. This will take you to your call manager.

From here click INVITE. This provides options to invite by phone number or email address. To dial out to someone's phone, click DIAL-OUT and enter their contact information and phone number, then click PHONE GUEST. The system will dial out to the participant.

To send an email invite use the EMAIL tab. Enter the individuals' email addresses separated by a comma, then click EMAIL GUESTS. 

An email with your meeting information will be sent to the recipients' inbox. They can easily join your meeting by clicking the JOIN button in the body of the email. When connected, they will be added to your Call Manager.

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